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Documents from the Dark Side of the Empire

  • -Air-Corp_Air-Mil:
    Big names in aeronautics care about our traveling comfort. Big names in aeronautics move invisible strings.

    Boeing, Harpoon-Forever New Frontiers. Boeing Corp. 2'.
    Boeing, 717-Forever New Frontiers. Boeing Corp. 5'.23''.
    The Seven Wonders. Airbus. 1'.
    Business class passengers may wish improvise. Airbus. 20''.
    No middle seats in business class. Airbus. 20''.
    Pax1. Boeing Corp. 1'.
    Air, Space and Power. 6'.
    JSF: One Team. Boeing Corp. 5'.
    American Air Force: No One Comes Close. 5'.
    Out of the Blue.3’.
    Remember. Lockheed Martin Corp. 33''.
    Bumpersticker. American Air Force. 30''.
    Northrop Grumman. Defining the Future. 5’.
    We never forget who we are working for. Lockheed Martin Corp. 30''.
    Simulator. Lockheed Martin Corp. 30''.
    Combat Operations in the Year 2010. Darpa. 52''.

    -Digital Euphoria:
    the promise of a perpetually technological updated world. Multiple forms of marketing and addiction.

    Linux IBM
    Compaq: They were four, they created an empire.6'.
    Intel: Pentium 4 ad infinitum.6'
    Microsoft: Steve Ballmer. Dance Monkey Boy: I love this Company. 1’
    Microsoft: Dance Monkey Boy: Developers. 30’’
    Mr. Steve Ballmer Speaks.6’.
    Land Warrior 2.0. Christopher Bashaw. 4'30''
    Defining the Future, Northrop Gruman.
    Thunder Strike, Operation Phoenix: Fun, Fast, Furious. 1'30''.
    State of Emergency. 2'30''.
    Vietcong. 3'30.
    Soldier of Fortune, 2'.
    Flashpoint: 1985. Status Quo. 1'30''.
    State of Emergency 3'.

    -Go Army:
    US Army training and recruitment. designed for the American Army by Southern California University ICT. Technology and propaganda supported by a combination of corporations, university research departments and the army's futuristic projections (Future Combat Systems). In this section, through the filter of propaganda, future recruits and the process of immersion in the Army culture. A catalogue of psycho-emotional jabs to create the ideal soldier.

    Barber Shop. 1'30''
    Inoculations. 40''
    Boxing Bout. 2'35''
    Logistics. 40''
    Gas Mask. 1'50''
    Night Infiltrations. 40''
    Latino Soldier:
    I am a soldier. 1'
    He who perserveres, triumphs. 1'40''
    I have faith in myself. 1'
    I am a squadron leader. 2'05''
    You also attain glory. 2'15''
    Ben. 1'20''
    Ben always forward. 1'30''
    Alice Borja. Latino Female Soldier:
    So I can say I am the Army. 1'30''
    Here we are all equal. 1'30''
    This has made me stronger. 1'10''
    Its for something very big.1'30''
    A good woman, a soldier. 2'15''

    -Post 0911:
    Speeches and Propaganda. The day after, a tribute to the victims a chance for the future...

    Speeches, 9/11: Arafat, Putin, Blair, Bush, Sharon.10'.
    Enduring Freedom. The Opening Chapter. 4'30.
    Tributes: NYC Stockexchange Bolsa. 1'40''.
    Targets: Afganistán. Unknown Operation Anaconda.13'