Rhizomes : OVNI 2009

May 28, 2009

  • 22:00
    HALL: Intervention and Debate

    Worthy is all that which deserves not to be destroyed.

    Life has become our prison. We no longer live, we
    manage a life that has been assigned to us. We
    manage our life as we manage a company. We have
    to make it profitable and productive. The curriculum
    that we build ourselves will decide whether or not
    we can surf the wave of this global mobilisation or,
    instead, sink into the social death of those who are
    simply leftovers. Depression, anxiety... are the prize
    we pay for living in a society with norms that aren’t
    based on guilt and discipline, but on responsibility and
    initiative. They grind down our lives and there are no
    gaps in reality that allow us to breathe. But in spite of
    everything we are alive... lying in wait, ready to attack.
    A society that prevents us from thinking and loving
    must be destroyed.
    Espai en Blanc is the collective project of a group
    of people whose aim is to make thinking exciting
    again. That is, to open up a hole in reality that is
    not defined by what is already known, but by what
    is not. This hole is opened in the gap between
    activism and academia, discourse and action, ideas
    and experimentation. This makes it simultaneously
    philosophical and political.