The canecapovolto group was formed in Catania in 1992. Continuously experimenting in various media including acoustic films, videos, happenings, and collages, canecapovolto investigates the expressive potential of vision and the dynamics of perception, adopting original techniques for treating and manipulating images. Starting from film, from visual and sound experiments initially tied to super-8 shorts, the group draws on various audio-video production techniques, ‘sabotaging' the initial media image to catch viewers off-guard. A great deal of attention is paid to investigating the scientific communication model and its response in the viewer.

L'Attacco col Fuoco
Canecapovolto. 1999. Italy. vo Italian. s Spanish. 18’

La Septième Operation Institut d'Observance Animale
Canecapovolto. 1992. Italy. vo French. s Spanish. No dialogue 7’

Mal d'Africa
Canecapovolto. 1996. Italy. vo Italian. 11’

Stereo: 30 drones for television
Canecapovolto. 2000. Italy. No dialogue 15’

The Obliterating Word
Canecapovolto. 1999. Italy. vo Italian. s Spanish. 8’