Jacqueline Reem Salloum

United States of America

Jacqueline Reem Salloum is a New York based filmmaker and artist. During her MFA studies at New York University she created pop infused art (toys, gumball machines, etc) documenting histories of people, including her family, that have been altered or erased and challenging the stereotypes of Arabs. Salloum’s love for filmmaking began after creating her short video piece, “Planet of the Arabs” (2005 Sundance) which then lead her back to Palestine to direct her first feature length documentary, “Slingshot Hip Hop”, (2008 Sundance). Salloum recently directed short documentaries for Arab American Stories on PBS TV, a music video for DAM sponsored by UN Women, “If I Could Go Back in Time”, and a short kids film, “Yala to the Moon” (2012 tiff Kids). Salloum continues to write/direct films, music videos and teach workshops at universities and institutions in the US and internationally.


Meen Erhabe (Who is the Terrorist?)
Jacqueline Reem Salloum. 2003. United States of America, Palestine. vo Arabic. s English. 4’

Planet of the arabs
Jacqueline Reem Salloum. 2003. United States of America. vo English. 9’