Jeanette Land Schou


Jeanette Land Schou, b. 1958 in Copenhagen Denmark, living in Malmö, Sweden.
Educated from the Royal Academy of Fine Art, Denmark, 1998, and a cand. mag degree in Art theory and Mediation, 2000.

JLS has allways primary worked with video and photography and she has exhibited both in Denmark and abroad. JLS has also worked with curating and artist driven projects, such as Fast Video, a digital workshop and exhibition room in Copenhagen and Skaanes Art Association in Malmö, Sweden where she in 2013 crated the exhibition "Flora and Friends" for the photo biennale "Fotografi i fokus". In 2011 she published the photobook "Landscapes with Weeds" and in 2013 "Memento" by the publisher Space Poetry. From 1999 to 2010 she was associated with Fast Video, an artist run digital workshop, which also published several compilations of video art, primary from Denmark. JLS also teaches in digital imaging and photography at art academies and folk high schools.

Syria collection 2002
Jeanette Land Schou. 2002. Denmark, Syrian Arab Republic. vo English. 15’

The Black Beatle
Jeanette Land Schou. 1995. Denmark. vo English. s Spanish. 3’