Jacquie Soohen

United States of America

Jacqueline Soohen is an award-winning filmmaker with over ten years' experience making social documentaries that emphasize global justice. Her films have been broadcast on television and screened at hundreds of film festivals. Soohen's feature-length documentaries include Fallujah (2005) and Shocking and Awful (2005), both of which were featured in the 2006 Whitney Biennial; Fourth World War (2004); This Is What Democracy Looks Like (2002); and Zapatista (1998). As director and co-founder of Big Noise Films and a co-founder of Indymedia, Soohen has pioneered innovative distribution mechanisms—using the Internet and national and international screening networks.


Irak.The Real Face of the Occupation (Shocking and Awful)
Brandon Jourdan, Deep Dish TV, Jacquie Soohen. 2004. United States of America, Iraq. vo English. 20’

The Jena 6
Esmaeli Kouross, Rick Rowley, Jacquie Soohen. 2008. United States of America. vo English. 30’