Goodbye, how are you?

Boris Mitić. 2009. Serbia. vo Serbian. s English. 60’

The narrator's last remaining motivation is to chose how he will die. He thus challenges various archetype antagonists of today's society to a series of absurd duels, but realizes ad hoc that all his potential opponents (the humanitarian businessman, the honest politician, the redempted war criminal, the hypocritical moralist, the passionate nihilist, the corrupted doctor, the ruthless believer, the romantic lover, etc.) have already been ridiculed by the satirical proverbs of his friend. His self-destructive urge keeps growing, until the final confrontation with the only worthy opponent - the enemy within... Introducing Serbian satirical aphorisms, the smart kind of humour which enraged Tito and the communists, ridiculed Miloševic and the nationalists and soothed our way through transition and the Eurocrats. Like it or not, you are also in there.