Nani di pietra giganti di carta

Fabio Gianotti, Silvia Bongiovanni. 2006. Italy. vo Italian. s English. 42’

The slow life of a little village near the city, and the city's fast pace. How can these two competing world views be reconciled' Is there a third way, a truly sustainable form of development? With the help of Luca Mercally, the filmmakers try to map out several possible pathways and a “solution” that could point us in the right direction.

The meeting with Cesarin, Margherita e Venanzio and their alternative lifestyle testifies to the impact of the enviromental on uman behaviour. The conflictbeetween oyr mechanical, unquestioning attitude toward life and their practical,measured, slow but deliberate approch made us reflect on the possbility of a thirdway of development that draws on the lessons a reality based on tradition andassence of the land can still old for us.