Bass Ahlam - Sólo Sueños

Amal Ramsis Labib. 2005. Egypt, Spain. 50’


The attempts of some women to tell their dreams and find meaning in them, looking for what they might reflect in terms of their life or social situation, reveals a different face and a different image of Egyptian women. This image may have nothing to do with the stereotypes about Arabic women, who are usually presented to us as submissive, without the power or the desire to change their situation. The women in this video show the extent to which this image is distorted and far from the reality. This doesn't mean that the reality is completely different or better, but it is certainly much more complex, full of contradictions that affect all women and place them between what is socially "moral" or "acceptable" and the challenges of a life that demands much more responsibility and strength in order to face the social and financial pressures on a daily basis. Each woman is looking for a way out or a change, even if for the moment the confrontation is at a personal level