Malcolm X: Prince of Islam

Mohammed Abdullah. 2006. United States of America. vo English. s Spanish. 71’

v English s Spanish

Islam stands for change. It seeks to change the individual and society, into a community: the “ummah”, an Arabic word that comes from the root "um", or "mother". This change covers every aspect of human life from personal morality ho business, economics and politics. It is only natural that Islam should be fought by those who want to keep the status quo. “On the pilgrimage (to Mecca), I had close contact with Muslims whose skin would be classified as white, but these particular Muslims didn't call themselves white. They looked upon themselves as human beings, as part of the human family and therefore they looked upon all other segments of the human family as part of that same family. So, I said that if Islam had done this, perhaps if the white men in America would study Islam, perhaps it could do the same for them”.