Mapas de Oriente Medio.

(Zona Palestina-Israel. Del Imperio Otomano a la construcción del Muro)

Media Education Foundation. 2006. Palestine, Spain. vo English. 3’

v English s Spanish

Sources: Media Education Foundation. Map compilation: The Palestine-Israel area. The Ottoman Empire. Ottoman provinces in the Middle East. Jewish and Arabic towns in Palestine under the Ottoman Empire. The Middle East divided up between France and Great Britain. The Palestine – TransJordania division. The UN partition of Palestine between Arabs and Jews. A Map of the main aquifers in the area. Jewish and Arab towns in Palestine before the partition decreed by the UN. The creation of the State of Israel. Maps of the area after successive wars and crises. The Israeli control matrix of the territory. Map of Greater Jerusalem reclaimed by the state of Israel. Those under Palestine autonomy acknowledged by Israel. Annexations by the wall.