Pare de Sufrir

Virginia Garcia del Pino. 2003. Spain, Mexico. vo Spanish. 7’


Pare de Sufrir, cease suffering, is the name of a church very near to the house where I lived in Guadalajara (Mexico). This video is about madness, faith, consumer culture, advertising, design, identity... The images are photographs that I took during long walks through the city, and they focus on Mexican advertising and graphic design, which shows a great sense of humor. I'm fascinated by the functionality of the graphic design there, which doesn't focus so much on creating an image or on competition - something which I greatly appreciated, specially after living in a city like Barcelona. The audio is based on interviews with psychiatric patients in Central America, which I found in a publications and asked 5 girls that I met in the city to read out. For me there is no difference between text and image, both of them surround us every day, and I don't think an image is worth more than a thousand words. I don't consider it my task to create, but to recreate myself within the things I experience, to make them my own. Every image and every text has its place in the story of each video, and the fact that the images do not correspond to the audio, and that they are mixed with written text, creates free associations and adds new subjective meanings to the stories.