Sachata Kishipichik Mani (Soy Defensor de la Selva)

Eriberto Gualinga Montalvo. 2003. Ecuador. vo Spanish, Quechua. 20’


Soy Defensor de la Selva relates how the Sarayaku community struggles against CGC when this oil company enters Sarayaku territory in order to carry out seismic prospecting, without the consent of the community. The video shows how the Sarayaku community confronts the oil company crews in order to stop them. The conflict intensifies when the military intervenes, reaching body-to-body confrontations. The women are the main protagonists of the video. Men, women, and children go out to guard the traditional limits of the community. The film shows the life in our Camps for Peace and Life, and contains the testimonies of our elders, as well as traditional music as background. This is the story of a small community struggling to save its space of life.