Soraida, a Woman in Palestine

Tahani Rached. 2004. Canada. vo Arabic. s Spanish. 54’


Soraida is a Palestinian woman who lives in Ramallah, in the occupied territories. This video captures her personal struggle to retain her humanity in the midst of oppression. In her neighbourhood, the women do not all wear veils, the men do not rattle off empty political slogans, and the young people do not have bombs strapped to their belts. Life goes on despite the curfews and checkpoints that confine the people in a barless cage. Soraida invites us into her world, and that of her family and neighbours. Through their simple, everyday actions, we discover the worst thing about living under a state of siege: the loss of control over one's own life. In this vibrant plea against the occupation, Soraida shares her reflections on life in Palestine and her refusal to give in to the hate and violence.