The Poojari's Daughter

Gillian Goslinga. 2010. India. vo Hindi. s English. 66’

The PoojariŽs Daughter opens with flashbacks to South Indian priestess Rajathiammal “cutting the goat” and having her head ritually shorn. The year is 2001, the place, Madurai, Tamilnadu. These two moments fulfil the two most profound wishes of the priestess: to be filmed while performing the annual goat sacrifice to the Saivite god Paandi that was once carried out by her father, and to renounce family life altogether. Using experimental film techniques that recall the work of Trinh Minh Ha, The Poojari's Daughter weaves dramatic footage of these rituals and of temple life at Paandi Kooyil with Rajathiammal's moving account of her process, interviews with close relatives, and brief voiceovers by the filmmaker. Together, these create a vivid and unforgettably intimate portrait of the devotional worlds of this remarkable woman and of South Indian Hinduism.

Mitjançant tècniques cinematogràfiques experimentals que recorden el treball de Trinh Minh Ha, The Poojari's Daughter intercala espectaculars imatges d'aquests rituals i de la vida en el temple de Paandi Kooyil amb el commovedor relat del procés de Rajathiammai, entrevistes als seus familiars i breus narracions del realitzador. Es crea així un vívid i íntim retrat de la devoció d'aquesta increïble dona i de l'hinduisme del sud de l'Índia.