The art of the 20th century was Futurist audacity,
What remains of Futurism: the insane heroism of the white race in unstoppable decline
What is art after the 20th century?
An exhausted symptom of becoming nothingness?
After the Nazi-liberal extermination that began with Pinochet and Thatcher:
Acceleration, convulsion, collapse.
Perhaps an epidemic of depression?
But luckily there is war, amphetamine for depression.
Heroism and dementia of the white race.
Holocaust on the frontier and on the seas.
Nazism is Europe's truth, Anders, Breivik its peer.
The post covid generation: last by necessity, last by choice?
Extinction as a paradoxical strategy:
Mass dropout from work, non-participation, non-birth,

Franco Bifo Berardi: "Desertion!

Inspiring books:
"dinamita, historia de violencia de clase" de Lluis Agami, ed. traficantes de sueños cap. sabotaje 1908
"trabajos de mierda" de David Graeber
"La insurrección que viene" de Comité Invisible

Inspiring songs:
“abajo el trabajo”
"lavorare con lentezza"

Los prisionero: "el baile de los que sobran"

lavorare con lentezza di Wu Ming:

YOUTUBER hang Xinmin was inspired to write a song about tangping. It's censored in China.

I love this song so much I just had to translate the lyrics. I've also provided Mandarin pinyin and a few explanatory notes for those who are studying Mandarin. I usually read and translate classical, not contemporary sources, so if anyone would like to suggest changes, go ahead and do so by replying to this comment! Enjoy!

Working from nine to nine, six times a week
996过劳 (jiu3jiu3liu6 guo4lao2)
Your hair is falling out
头发不见了 (tou2fa bu2jian4liao)
Lying down is the antidote
躺平是解药 (tang3ping2 shi4 jie3yao4)
Lying down is really good
躺平真是好 (tang3ping2 zhen1 shi4 hao3)
Lying down is really marvellous
躺平真是妙 (tang3ping2 zhen1 shi4 miao4)
Lying down is the royal way
躺平是王道 (tang3ping2 shi4 wang2dao4)
Lying down, you can’t be cut down…
躺平割也割不到…… (tang3ping2 ge1 ye3 ge1 budao4)
Lying down, you truly can’t be cut down.
躺平真的割不到 (tang3ping2 zhen1 de ge1 ye3 ge1 budao4)
Competition’s inward spiral is a waste of energy, [that] wage slaves make for themselves. [1, 2]
内卷又内耗 社畜自己造 (nei4juan3 you4 nei4hao2, she4chu4 zi4ji3 zao4)
Lying down is the right way
躺平是正道 (tang3ping2 shi4 zheng4dao4)
Lying down is simply good, lying down is really marvellous.
躺平就是好 躺平真是妙
Lying down is the royal way.
Lying down, you can’t fall down
躺平摔也摔不倒 (tang3ping2 shuai1 ye3 shuai1 budao3)
Lying down, you can’t fall down.
"Buy now, pay later" is fine at first, but you have to work twice as hard [when it's time] to repay. [3]
“花呗”一时爽,还款两头忙 (Hua1bei yi4shi2 shuang3, huan2kuan3 liang3tou2 mang2)
Lying down is the magic weapon (is the magic weapon). [4]
躺平是法宝 (是法宝)(tang3ping2 shi4 fa3bao3)
Lying down is really good (is really good), lying down is really fine (really fine),
Lying down is the royal way
躺平真是好 (真是好),躺平真是妙(真是妙),躺平是王道
A [celebratory] Lying Down Day can even save the planet
躺平节能又环保 (tang3ping2jie2 neng2 you4 huan2bao3)
A Lying Down Day can even save the planet
Lying down is truly the royal way.


[1] "Competition's inward spiral" (neijuan 内卷): Technically refers to an "involution," but has come to denote areas of extreme and toxic social or professional competition, such as China's college entrance examinations or office workers' determination to work overtime in order to compete at work. I found this explanation very illuminating:

[2] "Wage slaves" (shechu 社畜): Originally a Japanese term (Shachiku), company employees who sacrifice everything for work.

[3] What I have translated as "by now, pay later" is, in the original lyric, actually much more specific. My dictionary (Pleco) explains the term huabei as: "Ant Check Later," consumer credit service offered by Ant Financial Services (Ma3yi3 jin1fu2 蚂蚁金服) [an affiliate of the Chinese AliBaba Group].

[4] "The magic weapon" (fabao 法宝) refers to a magical talisman or any other talismanic object.