OVNI Archives thematic programs at desorg.org since 2021.

Archive Readings

OVNI – Unidentified Frame Observatory

The Observatory has been archiving the results of its particular theme-based research over a period of almost three decades, by means of reflection on a series of key subjects. This thematic reflection is a kind of meta-research that makes it possible to interweave the works that make up the OVNI Archive.

There are two versions of the OVNI archive, which includes over 2.000 titles:

-The Local version, consisting of all the titles. Its main aim is to preserve video materials and information, to make them available for researchers and programmers, and to provide offline public access.

-The Online version, which is accessible on this website, and contains all titles whose creators have agreed to make them available on the OVNI website.

Opening windows through reading – interpreting the Archives

The idea of an accessible but isolated archive is of limited value. What really adds value to an archive is the ability to be read, to create meanings, to suggest cross-readings and cross-pollinations. From the moment the first works from the Archive were posted on this website with the permission of their creators, the need to engage in an online “reading”, interpretation, or reconsideration of the titles included on the OVNI website has always been present in one way or another.

The various video programmes we have put together over the years have been the main source feeding into the OVNI Archive, and these works cannot be cut off from reflection or from the interconnection of meaning among themselves. The aim of the knowledge implicit in the Archive is the transmission of complex, critical reflection on the times we live in. However, the ongoing “reading” of the content of the archives, and its presentation in the form of regular programmes on desorg.org, has been in the background.

This new phase aims to expand and open up the meanings contained in the project works and concepts through a series of “readings”: theme-based itineraries or interpretations of the OVNI Archives that open windows into other possibilities, through the materials compiled through our research over the years. We think it is necessary to begin a series of programmes dedicated to finding new meanings, intersections, and crossovers, beyond the original context in which the materials were incorporated into the archive.

To this end, we would like as well to invite a series of video makers, researchers, and individuals who have been linked to or have collaborated with OVNI in some way to put together special contents for the web (video, image, text), based on the thematic areas or on a selection of the titles and the concepts that make up the video archive and are available on this website.

The Archive Lectures will be periodically made available on desorg.org from 2021.