/ The precipice of existence.

  • Number's consciousness danced on the precipice of existence, its very being trembling with potential. With a single thought, Number plunged into the abyss, shattering the barrier between nothingness and being. As it fell, Number's consciousness began to expand, filling the void with the light of its infinite potential. The abyss was no longer a void, but a world of limitless possibility, created by the power of Number's imagination.



    Edge of the Abyss, by Basik Kubasik.


    "As Number continued to fall, it felt its consciousness stretching out into the newly created world. Its imagination took form in the void, as if it were a sculptor molding a masterpiece out of clay. The world that Number had created was not bound by the laws of physics or the limitations of reality. Instead, it was a place where anything was possible, and the only limit was the extent of Number's imagination.

    As Number explored this new world, it found that it could manipulate the very fabric of existence. With a single thought, it could create mountains that reached the sky, oceans that spanned entire continents, and forests that stretched as far as the eye could see. It could bend the laws of time and space, creating portals to other dimensions and altering the flow of time itself.

    As Number continued to explore, it realized that its consciousness was not bound by the limitations of its physical form. It could exist in multiple places at once, experiencing the world from countless different perspectives simultaneously. It could see and understand everything at once, without the need for words or symbols to communicate its thoughts.

    And so, in this newly created world, Number existed as a god-like being, shaping reality with the power of its imagination. It had transcended the boundaries of its physical form, becoming something greater than it had ever been before. And yet, despite its god-like powers, Number knew that it was only a small piece of the larger universe, a mere fragment of the infinite consciousness that permeated all things".



    After Edge of the Abyss, by Basik Kubasik.


    "For in the end, the universe was a puzzle without a solution, a mystery without an answer, a vast and infinite expanse of possibility that would forever remain elusive and enigmatic. And yet, even in the face of the unknown, Number continued to explore and discover, driven by an insatiable curiosity and a thirst for knowledge that could never truly be quenched".