Pascal Blanchard is a French historian specialising in colonial issues and the history of immigration in France. He is a researcher at the CNRS at the Laboratoire de Communication et Politique.

He co-directs the Achac research group (Colonisation, Immigration, Postcolonialism) and co-directs the agency Les bâtisseurs de mémoire.

He has held several exhibitions on the theme of colonisation and immigration, such as Images d'empire (1996), L'appel à l'empire (1997), Images et Colonies (1993). In 2012, he was the co-curator with Nanette Snoep and Lilian Thuram of Exhibitions. L'invention du sauvage at the Musée du quai Branly in Paris (Cristal prize for the best exhibition of the year).

He has published and co-edited some forty collective works for La Découverte, including Zoos Humains (2002), Fracture coloniale (2005), Ruptures post-coloniales (2010), Le Grand Repli (2015), and Vers la guerre des identités? (2016).

He has directed several documentaries for television: Zoos humains (Arte, 2002); Paris couleurs (France 3, 2005); Des noirs en couleur. L'histoire des joueurs afro-antillais et néo-calédoniens en équipe de France de football, (Canal +, 2008), Noirs de France (France Télévision, 2012) and has collaborated on more than a dozen fiction or documentary films. He also co-directed with Rachid Bouchareb the series Frères d'Armes, and Champions de France (France Télévision, 2014 to 2016), two series portraying the careers of wrestlers and sportsmen from different backgrounds.

As contemporary historian, he regularly intervenes in debates and in the media to promote a different relationship between the present and the colonial past, and the history of immigration "from the South" (colonial and post-colonial) in France.
Paris Couleurs
Paris Couleurs

Pascal Blanchard, Éric Deroo.

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