El Barrio

Toni Serra
2002. Spain, Morocco. vo Arabic. s Spanish. 59’

The urban and social structure of neighbourhoods in the medina is one of vast intricacy and complexity, being organized around a series of vital establishments for the everyday life of their inhabitants, such as the hammam or public baths, the bakery, schools and the foundouk, or caravanserai. Communal bakeries provide the heating for the public baths or hammam, fully active establishments that are very important for the cohesion of the city's social fabric. Foundouks are establishments where visiting merchants traditionally stayed and stored their products overnight. Most have now lost their original function and are adapted for other uses, such as dwellings or workshops.

The series of screenings that make up this exhibition sets out to create a journey into the interior of the city of Fez, in the complex sense of the word: using audiovisual segments that illustrate different aspects of the city's anthropological, sociological, urbanistic and religious fabric. It is a journey that calls for both objectivity (in the working method) and subjectivity (of the experience of the journey and this close look at another culture).

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