Fez, Ciudad Interior.

Toni Serra
1999. Morocco, Spain. vo Arabic, Spanish. s Spanish. 30’

A journey of initiation into a city and a its culture.

The set of projections (10 screens) aimed to create a journey in the complex sense of the term: using audiovisual segments to illustrate aspects of the anthropological, sociological, urban and religious tissues of the city. A journey claiming both: a certain objectivity (in the working method), and the subjectivity (of the travel experience and approach to another culture).

Moreover, the projections do not meet the criteria of a film with a beginning and an end, but rather the creation of a landscape, so the viewer choosed the time he/she wished to dedicated to each fragment. This made it possible to enjoy a deeper level of inquiry to specific fragments (artisans, rituals interviews, etc.). Consequently, the result of each visit to the exhibition gave an unique combinatorial fragments, since the total length of the projections would be about 6 hours.

Video_Installation 10 screens_ total lenght: 6h 40'

Toni Serra , Albert García Espuche

CCCB Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona 2002

http://www.al-barzaj.org/ http://www.al-barzaj.org/