Los artesanos

Toni Serra
2002. Spain, Morocco. vo Arabic. s Spanish. 14’

Fez is the Moroccan city with the liveliest tradition of artisans. Far from being "just a job", the activity of the artisan reflects a whole conception of the world and a way of experiencing time and giving it meaning. This native wisdom is passed down from parents to children, from the maalem, the master, to the apprentice.

The series of screenings that make up this exhibition sets out to create a journey into the interior of the city of Fez, in the complex sense of the word: using audiovisual segments that illustrate different aspects of the city's anthropological, sociological, urbanistic and religious fabric. It is a journey that calls for both objectivity (in the working method) and subjectivity (of the experience of the journey and this close look at another culture).

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