Eric Lanz
1994. Germany.

Interactive work on CD-ROM artintact 1 [1994] ZKM (...) "Manuscript" the work Eric Lanz has produced for the first CD-ROM issue of Artintact. We zoom in into a block of unidentifiable graphic elements. Then we decipher lines, then signs that compose them and finally these signs turn out to be the images of tools. Placed against a white background, meticulously lined up and grouped together, like so many letters making so many words, they seem to simulate the hieroglyphs of some strange script. It is possible to run along a line to choose a particular tool, a bit like a finger running over a page. A tool is selected by clicking on it, and we can see the use of the tool in a window. It’s the confrontation between the sign and the object, between the eye, which interprets and the hand, which executes. - Anne-Marie Duguet -