2011. Spain. vo Spanish. s English. 11’

An interview with Uruguayan writer and journalist Eduard Galeano, who spoke at the Acampadabcn assembly on May 23, 2011. “There is another world beating inside this one, a world that is different and seemingly difficult. It will not easily be born, but its definitely beating in this present world, and I sense its presence in these spontaneous demonstrations: in Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona, in Sol in Madrid (...) People ask me: “What's going to happen now?.. What’s next?... What will become of this?” And I can only answer from my own experience. I say: “Well... nothing... I don’t know what’s going to happen, and it doesn’t really matter to me. All I care about are the things that are happening now, the present moment, and what this moment augurs about another moment that will come into being, although I do not know how it will be. It would be as if, every time I had an experience of love, I asked myself what was going to happen next."