Anna Giralt Gris
2012. Spain. vo Spanish, Catalan, Farsi. 46’

Europe Trap is a film depicting the true struggle of a refugee. A close-up of Zakereh, a 55-year-old mother trying to reunite with her son, who is trapped in Greece. Through her eyes we shall witness her struggle against herself and society; a struggle as hard as the previous one she faced during wartime in Afghanistan.

Zakereh fled Afghanistan many years ago. She escaped from war but she found misery and hostility. First in Iran, as a widow, with one child and without any rights, and later on, by crossing without papers many borders until she arrived in Europe. Once in Europe, at Athens airport she lost her son Omid and arrived alone in Spain without knowing where she was. Now she is suffering from culture shock, trying to fit in in another world where she doesn’t belong and dealing every day with a strange reality, with all her sadness and pain. The intimate portrait of an Afghan woman, who first became a widow and then a refugee. A testimony of the incomprehension of a new world and the situation she has to deal with now – a war as hard as the previous one, in the Europe Trap. A documentary about exile, loneliness, and the ghosts of war.