Ro Caminal
2018. Algeria. vo French. s Spanish. 16’

The video departs from the idea of symbolizing the material, physical and emotional exploitation in which colonization was based and embedded by the robbery of the Alger’s port by The French Colonial troupes.

Taking into an account the personal and subjective experience of the city of Algiers, a double narration is built by the artist and an Algerian collaborator (Ahmed Chaabi) weaving between both a portrait of personal and historical feelings of the place.

A poem of love about domination and mistrust, about everything we want to know in depth but that we know impossible to understand in its entirety, what the Kasbah had represented yesterday and what it is today, its myths and its realities, and an uncertain future that we all share under the threat of globalization.

More than any other district of Algiers, the Kasbah represents the “otherness”. Its winding streets are a labyrinth to the unknown where you want to get lost and where, at the same time, you are afraid of being lost. An unknown world, even for the Algerians, where the real plays to hide.