Anónimo en la Red
2014. Spain. vo Catalan. 4’

A kind of counter-advertisement to support the activists accused for the blockade of the Parliament on 15 June 2011. Edited with found footage that mixes an electoral campaign ad for Artur Mas and an ad for Audi, the car that he uses. This armoured Audi A 8 was the cause of one of the most serious accusations faced by some of the defendants. According to the prosecution, they brushed against it and hit it with their fists… and for this they are requesting an 8 year jail term. The Audi is a contemporary revival of what Ernst Kantorowicz said about the king’s two bodies in feudal societies. According to old political theology, the king had two bodies, an earthly one and a heavenly one, and as such attacking the first meant attacking God himself. You could say that Artur Mas also has two bodies, one is his own and the other (the heavenly one) is his Audi. So hitting the almost one and a half tonne armour plate of this massive vehicle is the equivalent of hitting Artur’s nose: almost an attack of lèse-majesté.