They are lost to vision altogether

Tom Kalin
1989. United States of America. vo English. 13’

It is an erotic response on the Helms Law, the American government's refusal to subsidize the prevention and awareness on AIDS. Kalin writes: "They are lost to vision altogether acts as erotic retaliation on legislation such as the Supreme Court sodomy ruling — declaring the private bedroom as open target for the State — or the Helms Amendment — the U.S government's refusal to fund explicit AIDS prevention information for gay men, lesbians and IV drug users. An attempt to reclaim eroticism and to address the contradictions of sexuality and romance in the face of a monolithic and culturally compulsory heterosexuality, They are lost to vision altogether finds queer history where it can and invents the rest." 2 Mostra de Vídeo Independent de Barcelona 1994.