Glòria Martí


Master in Art and Multimedia by the California Institute of the Arts.
Graduated in painting by the Escola Massana, Barcelona.
In 1990 she moved to New York where she studied production at F/V arts and worked as an intern in the design studios Eyeball and Dotsperinch.
In 2000 she graduated from CalArts and in 2001 she returned to Barcelona where she has been working since then, in production and post-production in video for artists and photographers as a freelance and at Hangar, Barcelona.
Her personal work has been shown in various festivals and venues and MACBA, MNCRS among others.

All the Tired Horses (Frames/Fragmentos)
Glòria Martí. 2003. Spain. 3’

Cuando la tierra tiembla
Glòria Martí. 2005. Spain, United States of America. vo Spanish. 44’

Frames / Fragmentos
Glòria Martí. 2003. Spain. vo English. 70’

Los Invisibles
Glòria Martí. 1999. United States of America, Spain. vo Spanish. s English. 7’

Madame Grusinskaya no Necesita el Coche
Glòria Martí. 1992. Spain. No dialogue 2’

Glòria Martí. 1995. United States of America. No dialogue 3’

Where you get that nose from Lily? Got it from my father silly
Glòria Martí. 1998. United States of America, Spain. No dialogue 117’