Abu Ali


Toni Serra (Abu Ali), Barcelona 1960. Author of video, text and other sub-media. Founding member of the OVNI Archives (Observatory of Non Identified Video - http://www.desorg.org), where he is doing research and programming work.
Through his work he has explored different visions, in a nomansland between the experimental essay and the poetry with a constant presence of the trance notion and the realities of dream. In his first works, in Barcelona, New York and Tanger, he was asking himself about beauty, the mystery of the ephemeral and the margins. After 1994, back in Barcelona he starts the video TV Code series, a personal immersion in the criticism of the mass media alienation mechanisms, trying to parody the spectacular seduction and to achieve a deconstruction of its hypnotic capacity of creating social models and identity stereotypes. The progressive knowledge that criticism must be a medium that helps to know and understand new worlds, leads him to consider and experiment the relationship between video and the visionary, between the inner experience and the visions in transition between worlds, spaces and times, between the real and the surreal, the dream and the sleep and the noon, the poetry and the prophecy...like a trip that not only is crossing but is also wiping those limits and borders.


Archivos Babilonia 1999-2003
Arxius OVNI, Abu Ali, Juan Alejandro. 2003. Spain. vo English. s Spanish. 90’

Archivos Babilonia 2005
Arxius OVNI, Abu Ali, Juan Alejandro. 2005. Spain. vo English. 40’

Dar al Ajira
Abu Ali. 2004. Morocco. vo Arabic. 5’

Arxius OVNI, Abu Ali. 2011. Spain, United States of America. vo English, Spanish. s Spanish. 45’

des_Realidad, Hakim Bey
Archivos del Observatorio, grabada por Lewanne Jones, Fred Barney Taylor, Abu Ali. 2011. United States of America. vo English. 15’

des_Realidad, John Zerzan
Abu Ali, Joel Pomeroy, Arxius OVNI. 2011. United States of America, Spain. vo English. 10’

des_Realidad, Pablo Beneito
Abu Ali, Arxius OVNI. 2011. Spain. vo Spanish. 60’

des_Realidad, Santiago López Petit
Abu Ali, Arxius OVNI. 2011. Spain. vo Spanish. 18’

Dhia Dhikr
Abu Ali. 2004. Morocco. No dialogue 7’

El amor es tu destino
Abu Ali. 2010. Morocco. No dialogue 9’

El Canto de la Abubilla
Abu Ali. 2015. Morocco. vo English, French. 28’

En torno al Mahabharata
Abu Ali, Stefano Casella, Toni Cots. 2012. France, Spain. vo Spanish. s Spanish. 30’

Abu Ali. 2004. Morocco. vo Arabic. s Spanish. 14’

Last Night Dikr
Abu Ali. 2005. Morocco. No dialogue 7’

Los Sures
Abu Ali. 2008. Spain, United States of America. No dialogue 16’

NJP pause
Abu Ali. 2006. United States of America, Spain. No dialogue 2’

Perro Corazón
Abu Ali. 1998. Morocco. vo Arabic, English. s Spanish. 25’

Abu Ali. 2004. Morocco. 14’

Sol de Medianoche
Abu Ali. 2016. Morocco. No dialogue 11’

The Job
Abu Ali, Jean Pierre Gambarotta, Perro Loco. 2010. Lebanon, Venezuela, Morocco. vo English. s Spanish. 13’

Todos estamos en peligro (*)
Abu Ali, Houria Bouteldja, Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Daniela Ortiz. 2016.

Trance with the Green Man
Abu Ali. 2015. Morocco. No dialogue 7’