Four Films

Towers Open Fire/ Bill & Tony/ Bill buys a Parrot/ The cut-ups

Antony Balch. 1950. United Kingdom (Great Britain). vo English. 50’

v English

A "cut-up" adaptation of the key themes and situations in Naked Lunch, filmed in the late 60's in Paris London, and Tangiers. Burroughs as junkie - his long-standing metaphor for capitalist supply and demand - breaks into the hallucinatory world of Brian Gysin and his dream machines.

Anthony Balch collaborated on a number of film experiments with William Burroughs, the writer famous for his cut-up method of composing texts. Towers Open Fire is an assault on linear narrative and good taste, and brings together readings by Burroughs, unrelated film sequences, and the pervasive image of Brion Gysin's prototype Dreamachine - inducer of hallucinations and mental stimulation.

4 Mostra de Vídeo Independent de Barcelona 1997 & Fenòmens interactius