• Tuesday 24 october 2023, 19:00h - 20:00h
    Centre d'Arts Santa Mònica. Barcelona.


    "Limbo (from Latin, Limbus): a world between the living and the dead, a storage space where deleted archives are sent, and a book by Aldous Huxley."

    In uncertain times, "Perpetual," "Nova Express," and "Le jour a vaincu la nuit" offer three video-graphic chapters about being in a state of flotation, in a certain weightlessness, in a place and time that are difficult to define in concrete terms. The former, solid world, if it ever existed in such a state, has dissolved, along with any notions of static time and space. Now, boundaries blur and challenge what we took for granted. In this bewildering state, confusion will have to lead us to discover uncharted and unidentified territories, delving into the realms of the unknown.



    Le jour a vaincu la nuit
    Jean-Gabriel Périot, 28', 2013.

    Eight portraits, eight dreams, eight escapes.

    Basik Kubasik, 7', 2023

    The watchmaker skillfully disassembles the watch for servicing, delving into a realm beyond our ordinary understanding of time. In this otherworldly dimension, the intricate process unfolds and condenses into a mere seven minutes. Space and time, once familiar concepts, transform into elusive abstractions, concealed within the intricate mechanisms of the timepiece. The watch's hands whirl with rapidity, gradually slowing down, blurring the boundaries that separate the past, present, and future. Within this enigmatic realm, interpretations abound, inviting a wide range of possibilities.

    Nova Express
    Perro Loco, 14', 2014.

    It was first suggested that we take our own image and examine how it could be made more portable. We found that simple binary coding systems were enough to contain the entire image however they required a large amount of storage space until it was found that the binary information could be written at the molecular level, and our entire image could be contained within a grain of sand. However, it was found that these information molecules were not dead matter but exhibited a capacity for life which is found elsewhere in the form of virus.” William S. Burroughs, Nova Express 1964.