"The concept of 'illusory movement', also known as 'apparent movement', refers to the perception of movement in a static image or in a sequence of images. This phenomenon occurs when static images are presented to the human visual system in a way that creates the illusion of movement."



"Illusion of Movement" is the thematic continuation of the last module of the Observatory in "Video Tuesday 2023", titled "Intimacy vs Media". It was originally developed during the early days of the Unidentified Video Observatory in the nineties. It collected various considerations about contradictions, inertia, continuities, and tensions of personal experience in the contemporary media flow.



"Illusion of Movement" presents a series of publications at Desorg dot Org and essayistic video sessions at Santa Monica during the entirety of the "Video Tuesday 2024" cycle. It explores the ephemeral and illusory nature of moving images, as well as their connection with intimate experience through the dictate of mass media. It includes reflections on the sense of authorship in contemporaneity, the recovery of forgotten memories, or optical and sensory fantasies in high-speed media environments, where the technified image acts as a distorted mirror. It is about the indefinable space between frames, where time blurs between the speed of the medium and the intimacy of personal experience, and the distance between both is reduced in a complex and labyrinthine set of often too opaque mechanisms. The illusory fact is crucial now, when the distinction between real movement and simulation is complex.