A video-essay capable of arousing in the observer a critical as well as a contemplative thought.

In Light / Vibration a concern emerges for those places, even anonymous, corporeal and geographical, that are responsible for momentary illuminations and visions of the soul.

The research has focused on the conflictivity existing in the interpretation of reality, along with a critique of modernity, using the duplicity of opposites (light/darkness, place/space, sacred/divine), identifying them as a model to explore different authorial videos, interviews and various documentaries.

The material used consists partly of open source videos available on the web and re-edited, some available on the desorg dot org online archive, and others created specifically for this project.


Authors and participants:
Toni Serra / Abu-Ali, Toni Cots, Fernand Deligny, Esther Freixa i Ràfols, Gian Antonio Gilli, Ariel Jimenez, Alessandro Quaranta, Jesus Rafael Soto, Laurel Swenson, Renaud Victor, Peter Watkins.

A research project by Alessandro Quaranta and Toni Cots, screened at the Convent de Sant Agustí, Barcelona on November 11 2023, and and March 17, 2023 at the Centre Cultural La Marineta, in Mollet del Vallès.