Dalia Al Kury ,1980, is an independent documentary filmmaker and is the author of all her films. Her documentaries are screened on channels like MBC Arabia, Al Jazeera and International film festivals. She is a Jordanian Palestinian, and holds an MA in Screen Documentary,Goldsmiths University- UK, 2007. Dalia lives in Jordan. Films like Arabizi which discusses the Arab languages decline in terms of popularity and adaptability in the face of modernity has not only created a huge debate in the region but the term Arabizi is now the official word for Arabic and English words mixed together. Amman: East vs West which was commissioned by Al Jazeera has motivated many people to openly discuss classism in Jordan. Caution! Comment ahead which was the first of its kind to talk about street harassment in the streets of Amman was screened over nine times on MBC Arabic and continues to screen in women related events today. Dalia Al Kurys latest work focuses more on portraits. The one hour Smile, Youre in South Lebanon is a portrait of her family in Lebanon and how they use humor to get over the war. The film won a Bronze at the International Carthage film festival and was screened in many festivals. Girls at heavens door is a 40-minute portrait of a strong woman who changes the face of disabilities in her village in Tunisia. The film was entirely financed by Kaynoona and was screened on the popular Al Arabiya channel where three of her previous works were also screened. Kaynoona also produces other directors work and is currently directing and co-producing a feature length film My Jinn with Lichtblick films-cologne.