(La Habana, 1919-1998)

Founder and director of the paradigmatic Noticiero ICAIC Latinoamericano, a school for a large part of Cuban filmmakers for more than thirty years and a laboratory for audiovisual and journalistic experimentation. His work stood out for the constant exercise of what he would call “subjective journalism” - the assumption that “reality” is a subjective construction of the person who tells it, marked by political activism, beliefs and ways of seeing the world–; by the provocative use of montage in close relationship with the soundtrack, which was not a complement to the images, but was used as a generator of meaning by interpreting in some way what was shown at a visual level; and for a commitment to the Cuban Revolution and everything that emanated from it. In the same way, he defended the importance of cinematographic journalism as an aspect of the documentary genre.
He Who Hits First, Hits Twice
He Who Hits First, Hits Twice

Santiago Álvarez.

2003, Cuba, United States of America. vo Spanish. 60’