1971Beirut (Libanon). Lives and works in Brussels.

Simon Arazi completed his secondary education in Austria and studied Anthropology & Communications at Goldsmiths College in London. He worked subsequently as runner, film projectionist, copywriter and translator before moving to Brussels, where he co-founded the production company Polymorfilms in 1999 with three associates. In 2002 he took up the European Documentary Co-production Workshop at the Discovery Campus Master school. His documentaries Discreet Identities’(1996) and Auf Widerst@nd (2000) were broadcasted amongst others on RTBF, YLE and Multicanal. In 2002 Arazi directed In Limbo, a satirical homage to the contemporary doctrine of propaganda. This film consists entirely of intercepted American satellite feeds: unfiltered and raw fragments of live news footage as well as corporate and political broadcasts, destined for employees and interns in multinational firms and law enforcement institutions. Essentially a collage, In Limbo’works like an archeology of the ‘culture of persuasion’, where discourses from advertising, business and politics continuously contaminate each other.
In Limbo
In Limbo

Simon Arazi.

2001, Belgium. vo English. 43’