Nahed Awwad is an independent filmmaker; she has been working in Film and Television since 1997. She started her career as an editor. In 2002 she started making her own films. She worked with well- known Palestinian filmmakers, local Palestinian TV stations and later international networks.

Besides participating in professional training at centers in Canada, Qatar, and Belgium. In 2004 she got her film diploma from the European film college in Denmark. She released eight documentary films between experimental, short and feature length.

Awwad’s films were screened at various international film festivals, including HotDocs film festival, Canada 2013, Dubai international film festival in 2012, Vision du Reel Film Festival, Nyon, Switzerland in 2005 and 2008 and the Cannes Film Festival in 2008 (Cinema Sud). In 2009 she was granted the International Trailblazer Tribute -Middle East Trailblazer in MIPDOC.

Nahed Awwad.

2002, Palestine. vo Arabic. 10’