Photographer, filmmaker and arts visuals teacher based near Brussels. After achieving a master in visual communication, she started working as a photojournalist, then in film production. She worked 18 years with AJC!, Atelier jeunes cinéastes, an experimental cinema association devoted to help young directors making their first audiovisual project.

She also collaborates as artistic coordinator with associations and NGO’s.

Member of Polymorfilms, a cooperative of authors, which produces projects, seminars or lectures in various audiovisual domains. The team is multilingual. All projects are initiated, developed and produced by the authors themselves. This artistic liberty allows for a wide versatility in personal points of view and creative approaches.

Her artistic work approaches connections (territory, body, space) and environment, etc. It relates to the broad field of visual anthropology.
Golden Kitchen
Golden Kitchen

Valerie Berteau, Philippe Witjes.

2005, Belgium, India. 65’