Sergio Brito's artistic proposals are increasingly directed towards the bordering and interdisciplinary areas of contemporary creation, sometimes he bases part of his work on the deobjectivation of objects, ensuring the asymmetry of signifiers and meanings ("Panel, 2003 ), fleeing from linear or univocal relationships and the immediate association between forms and their meanings; others, uses video creation in order to sublimate the banality of the mass media, causing the viewer to confuse crucial information and merely anecdotal ("Declive", 2004; "Loop", 2006). Artist firmly linked to everyday life, to the socio-political reality that surrounds us all. The disparity of techniques and procedures used by this artist contributes to singling out his own poetics His pieces can only be understood as material gears of a creative process in which the complicity of the viewer also counts.


Fernando Larraz, Sergio Brito, Juan F. Alemán.

1995, Spain. vo Spanish. 3’