Founding partner of A Contraluz Films, he has directed, written and produced multiple documentaries, as well as fiction short films, institutional videos and advertising. He directed the fiction short films TEl espejo de la felicidad and Virgen, and later entered the field of documentary, which he has not abandoned since then, with the documentaries Pies de barro (2003), co-directed with Carles Jiménez, and La Foixarda: escalada a la ciutat (2003). After co-directing the multi-award winning documentary ¡Mezquita NO! with Alberto Aranda, in 2005, he has directed and produced the documentaries Tercera fase (2006), €spanish Dream (2008), EnLaRed (2012) and €uro €stafa (2014).
Mezquita No!
Mezquita No!

Alberto Aranda, Guillermo Cruz.

2005, Spain. vo Catalan, Spanish. 30’