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Joel Katz is an independent filmmaker based in upstate New York. His Corporation with a Movie Camera (1992), a video about how corporate representations have shaped Americans' ideas about the Third World, was broadcast nationally on PBS's New Television series in 1994 and is in worldwide distribution. Dear Carry (1997), a video based on the life of a New York jewelry designer and amateur filmmaker named Carry Wagner (1895-1992), is a documentary essay about ancestry, identity, cameras and travel. It premiered in 1998 in the Museum of Modern Art's "New Documentary" series and has shown in festivals nationally and internationally. Katz is currenlty developing White: A Study in Color, a documentary about what it means to be white in America. The project has received support from the Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media and the New York State Council for the Arts. Katz is an associate professor in the media arts department of New Jersey City University and is a member of the board of birectors of Third World Newsreel, a New York-based advocacy and distribution organization for filmmakers of color.

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Corporation with a Movie Camera
Corporation with a Movie Camera

Joel Katz.

1992, United States of America. vo English. 33’