Film scriptwriter. He completed the Master's degree in screenwriting at the EICTV (Cuba) and the Master's degree in Contemporary Cinema Studies at the UPF, Barcelona, where he is currently a doctoral student. He has worked as a Script Doctor with Ibero-American short and feature film screenwriters. He worked as a historical researcher and screenwriter for Netflix series.

His premise as a screenwriter and as a director is to question the narrative lines of cinema. Involve the creation of the work within the work. Demonstrate the artifice of cinema and, from there, build other fictions: tangible, with errors, contradictions, with skin and flesh. His lines of research as an academic are documentary portraiture, faith in cinema and the uses of voice over.

Buscó a Satanás, Encontró la familia
Buscó a Satanás, Encontró la familia

Miguel Ángel Fajardo.

2023, Colombia. vo Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish. 22’