Sarah Minter is one of the pioneers of video in Mexico, since 1981 she has made films in 16 mm., Videos and video installations, including San frenesí, Nadie es Inocente, Méx. Metr, Alma Punk, El Aire de Clara and more recently Intervalos. His work has been exhibited in various museums, galleries, universities, festivals, etc. mainly in America and Europe, among which stand out MOMA Museum of Modern Art in New York, Museum of the Bronx, NY. Boston Museum of Contemporary Art, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin; Canal Plus in France, International Film and Video Festival of Havana, La Celda Contemporánea en México, etc.
Sábado de Mierda
Sábado de Mierda

Gregorio Rocha, Sarah Minter.

1985, Mexico. vo Spanish. 25’