Born 1965 in Lund, Sweden. Göran Hugo Olsson was educated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm and is one of Sweden’s leading filmmakers internationally. He is a documentary filmmaker, cinematographer and manufacturer of his own innovation - the A-Cam, a Super-16 film camera. He was editor and co-founder of the short documentary television program ”Ikon” (SVT). His previous film The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 (2011) became a huge hit in festivals, theatres and TV broadcasts worldwide. Olsson has since 1999 been a member of the Editorial board of Ikon South Africa - a platform for creative documentary in South Africa by township filmmakers in cooperation with South African national broadcaster SABC. Selected filmography The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975/ 100 min/2011/ supported by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, the Swedish Film Institute, Swedish Television, Nordisk Film & Tv Fond, Media Programme of the European Union, ZDF/ARTE, NRK, YLE, RTS and ERT. (2011 World Documentary Editing Award, Sundance, Best Editing, Best Music, Swedish Film Awards) Am I Black Enough For You/ 87/ 58min/2008/ supported by the Swedish Film Institute, the Danish Film Institute, the Nordic Film & TV Fond, the Finnish Film Foundation, the Arts Grants Committee in co-production with SVT also in collaboration with YLE, DR, NRK and ETV. In collaboration with TVF International and Drakes Avenue Pictures. Fuck you, Fuck you very much / 50 min/ 1998/ Feature documentary with support from the Swedish Film Institutte and the Nordic Film & TV Fund. In collaboration with SVT, YLE and NRK. Theatrical distributor Folkets Bio.

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Concerning Violence
Concerning Violence

Göran Hugo Olsson.

2014, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, United States of America. vo English. 85’