GRUPO ALAVÍO has more than twelve years of production of audiovisual materials portraying social conflicts and workers' struggles, as well as productions for pedagogical and scientific uses. We consider our films as intervention cinema (or video). A fundamental axis of action is the technical and technological appropriation that allows to have tools to fight to constitute subjectivity from the interests and identities of the working class and the oppressed sectors.

During this time we produce both rapid response materials, such as counterinformation journalism, evidence against state repression, materials to plan or evaluate direct actions, etc; as well as some more elaborate works, destined to reflect and motivate debates about our own practice as an exploited class and to dive into the contradictions that prevent us from facing the emancipatory struggle victoriously. We work on projects co-managed with organizations in struggle, as well as with author proposals from members of the group. In recent years we have joined different areas of discussion and production created from the worsening of the crisis.
Bloqueo al polo petroquímico Dock Sud
Bloqueo al polo petroquímico Dock Sud

Ak Kraak, Grupo Alavío.

2002, Argentina. vo Spanish. 12’