Syrian Arab Republic

Ammar al-Beik (Damascus, Syria) an ‘ex-artist, ex-footballer, trying to understand the driving centrifugal force of the ball and the game’, creates conceptual works that embody his thoughts, seeking to create an energy that can be transmitted telepathically. A film director, on his own time, al-Beik explores details of his surroundings as he seeks to reveal the complexities of human relationships through his work, often alluding to current sociopolitical issues and how they reflect on the human soul. He considers art as an intellectual rebellion tool society is subject to, one to which there are strict philosophical rules aimed at revealing the difference between good and evil.
They Were Here - Enahoum Kanoo Honna
They Were Here - Enahoum Kanoo Honna

Ammar Al-Beik.

2000, Syrian Arab Republic. 8’