I’m a visual artist who had the luck to work with [and learn from] painters, journalists, DOP, poets, musicians, graphic designers, activists, web developers, philosophers.. I use my diagonal capital of knowledge and imagery to build unconventional approaches to the metaphoric and symbolic level of subjects. I’m inspired by (my) filmed footage that I abstract to a new level. In my artistic career I worked [among various] with Audiofly, Kiasmos, Nicola Cruz. I’m the official visual artist of Xique Xique, Persus Nine and Bewider. Some of the most significant venues/festivals where I performed: Le Zoo/Usine (SUI), Cannes Cinema Festival (FR), Eufonic (ESP), B-Seite (DE), Nibiru Digital Art (ESP), La Roche sur Yon International Cinema Festival (FR), Aria Tripping (ISR), Hex (ESP), Flying Circus (MEX), Tupper (ESP), Moscow Circle of Light (RU), L’Alternativa Cinema Festival (ESP), Sala Apolo (ESP).
En torno al Mahabharata
En torno al Mahabharata

Abu Ali, Stefano Casella, Toni Cots.

2012, Spain, France. vo Spanish. 18’