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The A/V Geeks Film Archive is an ephemeral film collection curated by Skip Elsheimer. What started as a hobby more than ten years is now a lifetime commitment. His collection has grown to over 25,000 films gathered from school auctions, thrift stores, closets and dumpsters. He presents themed film shows in his home base of Raleigh, North Carolina and he's taken his shows on the road across the United States. What is an "A/V Geek?" Short for "audiovisual geek." The semi-derogatory term used to describe the kid who was allowed to operate the film projector in school. Such were considered to be "teacher's pets," but were often allowed to avoid classwork and freely roam the school halls eventually ending up at the library to get the projector and films.

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How to Be a Woman
How to Be a Woman

A/V Geeks Film Library.

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