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Jacqueline Soohen is an award-winning filmmaker with over ten years' experience making social documentaries that emphasize global justice. Her films have been broadcast on television and screened at hundreds of film festivals. Soohen's feature-length documentaries include Fallujah (2005) and Shocking and Awful (2005), both of which were featured in the 2006 Whitney Biennial; Fourth World War (2004); This Is What Democracy Looks Like (2002); and Zapatista (1998). As director and co-founder of Big Noise Films and a co-founder of Indymedia, Soohen has pioneered innovative distribution mechanisms—using the Internet and national and international screening networks.

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The Jena 6
The Jena 6

Esmaeli Kouross, Rick Rowley, Jacquie Soohen.

2008, United States of America. vo English. 30’